Lenders and corporations

The VI has an influx of large corporations looking to set their headquarters on the island for tax reasons, which we have covered before. But what we haven’t covered yet are the amount of small businesses that operate on VI. There are so many small businesses that do different things usually catered towards the tourism industry, and one of my favourites that we have invested in was a scuba diving school.

The scuba diving school was great. They had instructors from around the world who have been deep sea diving for years, have qualifications from around the world and have taught in so many locations over the years that it makes me envious.

Some of them are also ex-marines and have survived through wars. So immediately we were interested in investing into them because we knew that the people themselves were good. What really knocked us out of the park was the quality of the school itself.

This was before they purchased a property, and they took a few of us out into the ocean for a day to teach us how to scuba dive. We couldn’t believe that it would be that fast to learn how to scuba dive since it is such a difficult skill, but that’s where all credit goes directly to the instructors. They were amazing at teaching us how everything works.

We spent the day scuba diving around the island, and I was able to see parts of the VI and the ocean I have never seen before. What was the most impressive aspect is how great the teachers were as people. They were some of the nicest and understanding people that we have met on the island.

We immediately invested into the company, and we still help to finance them whenever they are in need.

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