Freedom of lending!

The great thing about being a lender in the Virgin Islands is that you can lend to companies and customers based anywhere in the world. There is a free reign over trade in the islands as with some regulations it can act as its own entity. That gives us a lot of freedom over who we work with and how we work, but that also means we must go above and beyond with due diligence.

We are slowly aiming to increase our foothold around the world, and especially within the western world were the profit margins are much higher than the less developed nations. That isn’t to say that focusing on developing nations is not a smart idea, because often they are the most willing to lend a large amount of money.

For us, the larger amount that we can lend customers, the more we are liable to make back from interest. The large spike in interest is what we are looking for, as that is where the profit comes from on our side. Since western countries often have the highest lending rates and highest lending amounts such as with builders Bolton, it makes sense to focus on those areas to try and grow our business.

We do appreciate and wish to take advantage of the regulations that the islands currently have in place. While it is a tax haven, some of us plan to turn it into a money-making area for other reasons.

The benefit of loans from VI is in the name. Strangely, due to the success the company Virgin has had, the name Virgin Islands Loans has taken a bit of respectability and credibility throughout the world that we were originally unaware of. This benefit also means we must be careful and differentiate ourselves from the large company unless we run the risk of a lawsuit.

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